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A free computer course (in attendance) for a week, taking into account the conditions of social distancing
The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Center – University of Basra is pleased to announce a free (in attendance) computer course for a week for our dear students, managed by the trainer and e-marketer (Alaa Murtada), and sponsored by Durrat Al Khaleej Company for the production and bottling of healthy water in Basra.
On 06/23/2021, at ten o’clock in the morning, at the Computers Hall in the College of Administration and Economics.
* The trainee who gets the first evaluation on the course will be awarded a financial reward.
* All participating students will have the priority to be appointed to the Durat Al Khaleej Company and its support companies, Summit Al Eqtidar Company and the Land of Iraq Company.
After the completion of the training program, the student will be provided with a graduation certificate submitted by the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Center bearing the logo of Durrat Al Khaleej Company.