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Durrat Al Khaleej Laboratory is considered one of the laboratories that obtained a license approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Environment and with an approved registration number (License No.: 15572/31.05.016).
Relying on specialists in the field of laboratory work, the electronic data entry system has been introduced, where daily data are entered and periodic reports are organized, which are discussed in monthly meetings by the competent staff for the purpose of adopting them in the development plans necessary to improve the quality of the product.

Laboratory and Quality Control Department

The Laboratory & Quality Control Department responsible to monitoring of the quality of Durrat AlKhaleej bottling water. This done by performing many water analysis to water samples. This analysis can be categorized to basic analysis and advance analysis.

The basic analysis includes different physical and chemical parameters of water in all treatment stages.

This analysis involves:

1- pH value: Measuring the value of pH parameter for the source water and the product water (1500 ml,500ml,330ml and 200l ) .As it should range between (6.5-8.5) according to the standards of the World Health Organization WHO

2- HACH Measurement of electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids. This analysis include a measure of water’s capability to pass electrical flow. This analysis is directly measured by HACH instrument.

3- LOVIBAND Measurement of turbidity of water: this measurement evaluate the total suspended solids in water and the efficiency of water treatment unit to remove all suspended solids .This measurement done by LOVIBOND instrument .

4- meaurement of dissolve chlorine in water

The advance analysis of water: this analysis These analyzes are performed by DR3900 SPECTROPHOTOMETER by HACH .

This analysis involves :

Measure the percentage of chlorides in the water to ensure that it does not exceed the permissible percentage

Total hardness measurement

– Measuring the concentration of the elements to ensure that the water is not contaminated, which are iron and aluminum

– Sulfate measurement

– Phosphite measurement

– Nitrate measurement

– Measurement of ammonia

– Total organic Carbon measurement TOC 

– Flame photometer

Measuring The concentration of salts elements Sodium ,Calcium  and Potassium by flame emission instrument