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Renovation and reconstruction of schools

1- Reconstruction and restoration of (4) rows that were previously vacated by the Directorate of Civil Defense as they are in danger of falling and collapsing…2- Reconstruction and restoration of sanitary baths…3- Reconstruction of school seats (flights) as they are not valid, and the work of nearly (200) seats…4- Reconstruction and restoration of the administration […]
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Computer course sponsored by Durrat Al-khaleej

A free computer course (in attendance) for a week, taking into account the conditions of social distancing The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Center – University of Basra is pleased to announce a free (in attendance) computer course for a week for our dear students, managed by the trainer and e-marketer (Alaa Murtada), and sponsored by […]
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Sidel installs a complete water line for Durrat AI Khaleej

As one of the leading bottled water producers in Iraq, Durrat Al Khaleej aims to provide the best experience to consumers. Sidel’s packaging solutions successfully fulfilled its goal by delivering a complete water line with a lightweighted and simultaneously stable PET bottle design, weighing only 10.5 grams for the 500 ml bottle format, at a […]
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